Who is omó pastor?

omó pastor is a writer, photographer and filmmaker who uses these artistic mediums to heal, to empower and to express the reality of African people across the globe. her main theme and concern is to bring back the true sense of pride of being African despite your geography. She uses art as a way to tell the world, especially African people, to be just that, African, fearlessly and pridefully. omo pastor is a young woman who has a call to heal the people of the African diaspora through art.

“Maybe, just maybe, we’ve all been people that we deep down did not feel was us. Or maybe, we’ve all been in places where our hearts and spirit left us. Perhaps, we’ve all been somewhere dark searching for some light, or insight, to guide us out of the darkness. The darkness that some people might have said was not where we were supposed to be at that moment in time thus forgetting each person’s journey is not the same. I am here to say embrace the darkness, figuratively and literally, because it is necessary for growth.  I am someone who has found joy in the darkness. Pitch Black looks beautiful to me because if there was no darkness there can be no light, so I embrace the dark places I find myself trapped in whether it be for seconds, or years. In the darkness, we heal thus bringing us to the light.