Balance: A Merge of Two Worlds



a piece on the African diaspora.

there’s an essence about the African diaspora that is often ignored, or attempted to be buried. however, it is often said that ‘you cannot bury us’ because African people are seeds. we are the seeds that have been planted, and watered, throughout the soils of the Earth. the African diaspora starts from ancient dynasties to negros spirituals on southern plantations to Geechee + patois. from Haiti to New Orleans streets. from Sango to Chango. From gangan to steel pan drums. From fuji to highlife. From mudhouses to Bronx apartments. Bronx to Bed-stuy, do or die. from highlife to hip-hop. dancehall. soca. reggaeton. from plaits to tightly picked afros to free-form locs. there is no place devoid of the seeds nor blood of the people of the Diaspora.

‘balance’ is a photo series of a larger project, and it is to showcase the balance that is meant to be created between our cultural beliefs + forced westernization. it, also,  talks about the transitions Africana people have gone/go through after being placed outside the Motherland.

this displacement from our original home gives us, africana people, a duty that must be fulfilled regardless of where you are within the diaspora. it is important that you connect with your roots to guide you on this journey. also, it is important to understand that geography does not determine how ‘African’ you are, or can be. it is necessary to be fearlessly African + true to who you are regardless of your location on this Earth. resilience + pride through the veins of Africana people. the disapora is WAKANDA. It is our duty to save + connect each other. this is our balance. this is our key.


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