Privilege is a short film about two young Black men who meet in a local barbershop and start off on the wrong foot after a heated argument. These men represent the African Diaspora, and the constant misunderstanding between the different groups of the Diaspora. In this film, the constant battle of “who has/had it worse” and “who is/was better off” is the main topic discussed.

Validate Yourself FF – September 2019
Rapport Film Festival – Sept 2020
Arizona Underground September 2020
Urban MediamakersFestival – October 2020
Twin Cities Black Film Festival – October 2020 
San Antonio Black International Film Festival – October 2020
African American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase – October 2020 (Upcoming)
Queen City Film Festival – October 2020 (Upcoming)
Sabira Cole Film Festival – November 2020
Fickin’ International Film Festival Kinshasa – November 2020
Baltimore International Black Film Festival – December 2020